Carol Tao resides and works in Sunnyvale , California where she designs and builds her handmade paper sculptures in her in-home studio.    She studied jewelry design and fabrication at Mission College in Santa Clara , California and graduated in 1983.   In the ensuing years, Carol continued to explore jewelry making through workshops, experimentation, and observation. 

For Carol, paper forming started very innocently with a purchase of an inexpensive "how to" book on making recycled paper.  This was in 1992.  As she worked with pulp and paper, the process seduced her, and the results of the experimentation are her paper sculptures.  Her sculptures are sold through contemporary and fine craft shows and galleries since late 1996.  Most of the handmade paper is a blend of cotton linter and abaca that may be embellished with other fiber scraps.   Colored paper is produced using commercial dyes or natural organic dyes prepared by the artist. Formed paper sheets are made in small batches to meet specific texture, color and weight needs of a sculptural design.  Carol is a minimalist and much of her work is white.  Color is used sparingly and only as a suggestion.  Many of the 3-dimensional forms cut deep shadows that slowly move with the light and shadow changes of the day making the sculpture almost kinetic, and in Carol's eyes the white on white is very elegant.

Much of her work is reflective and quiet.  The elegance is in its simplicity.

            Carol Tao’s art pieces are shown through select shows in galleries and fine craft shows.  Please look into her posted schedule on her website.  Her artworks are available also by appointment throughout the year, and you may reach her at (408) 732-4068 or through email at  Commissions are welcomed.